Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cotton Candy

One of my favorite childhood memories is the joy of eating COTTON CANDY! I was introduced to the sweet fluff back in my toddler years…and I never looked back. Cotton Candy till this day is my favorite guilty pleasure. 

My favorite brand is “Rainbow Cotton Candy” because it is full of flavor and has a creamy texture unlike any other brand out there.

Ben and Jerry’s recently introduced their idea of a frozen cotton candy treat. (One of my new favorites!)

Starbucks has also brought Cotton Candy to a whole new level! On their secret menu you can order this delicious non-caffeinated beverage by asking for a vanilla bean frappuccino with one pump of Raspberry syrup!

If you’re not into the whole sugar thing…what about grapes? Yes, Grapes! You can find these healthy yet delicious treats only 3 weeks out of the year in the state of California.


Fun Facts:

·      National Cotton Candy Day is on December 7th
·      Cotton candy was originally called fairy floss
·      In 1920 fairy floss was re-named cotton candy
·      Cotton candy contains only one ingredient: sugar

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